GCP-WMO 2022 English Proctoring

Via online proctoring you can take the exam in a quiet place of your choosing. You only need a stable internetconnection.

Duration of the exam

Exam candidates have two hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.

Handling of personal data

At the start of the proctoring session you will be asked to take a photo of your ID (we advise you to shield your national identification number, it is only important that your photo, name and date of birth are visible). You are also requested to take a photo of yourself. We will use this information to verify your identity.

In addition, the recordings of the exam (camera images from your webcam and the screen of your PC / laptop via screen sharing) are saved.
By registering for an online proctoring exam, you therefore give permission for these recordings to be made. This information is kept for a maximum of six months. It is good to realize that the recordings will be used by the proctor of Citrus Andriessen and EMWO to assess whether your examination was conducted in accordance with the exam regulations. If irregularities are found, your result can be declared invalid.

For further information regarding the handling of your personal data, please refer to the privacy statement and FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Information regarding online proctoring exams GCP-WMO

If you register for an online proctoring exam GCP-WMO, you will receive information at least a week in advance with details on what to expect with regards to this online way of taking an exam. You must also perform a system check to ensure that it is technically possible to take the exam on your device. This information will be send to you by email from the online proctor tool.

You will receive the final online proctorexam result later, compared to a regular exam on location. The reason for this, is because it takes time to assess the recordings made during an online proctor exam. You will receive the final result on your GCP-WMO exam by email, 1,5 week after the exam.

More information on EMWO online proctoring exams can be found here.


The exam costs are € 157,50 (excl. VAT).

Signing up

It is possible to register for the GCP-WMO exam via online proctoring. We offer this option for candidates who cannot go to their own location or who wish to retake the exam short-term.

You can register as an individual candidate. In this case, you must pay the exam costs directly upon registration via iDEAL. If you have successfully completed the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation including proof of payment. If you have registered but have not yet received a confirmation e-mail, please contact EMWO at info@emwo.nl.

Is your employer / trainer going to pay the exam costs?

Please report to your employer / trainer. They can register the exam for you and receive an invoice for the exam costs.

Type of exam

The exam consists of 55 questions that relate to different activities within human-related scientific research. 

The GCP-WMO exam is an open book exam. You may use your course literature during your exam. It is also allowed to look up information on the internet during the exam. However, it is not allowed to use a separate notebook or tablet for this.

Recommended literature:

The Guidance on Good Clinical Practice (CPMP / ICH / 135/95)
The legal text of the WMO (Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act)
The legal text of the WGBO (Medical Treatment Contract Act).